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Emergency Services

Associates Plumbing regular hours are 7:30am to 4:00pm but we are always open. Each night, weekends and holidays our emergency crews are there for you. Each emergency crew consists of a supervisor in charge, a team of technicians & apprentices and a fully equipment drain division crew with a hydro jet, all cable machines, a drain camera and locating equipment. If you’re having a backup, sewer or water pipe leak, gas leak or underground water service leaking we are fully equipped to get you out of the emergency situation. 

Common emergency repairs

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Natural Gas Testing & repairs

***If you smell gas, get to fresh air right immediately and call your local gas company or 911.***

Natural gas when installed correctly and used according to the appliance manufacturers instructions is a safe reliable source of fuel. However, gas leaks do happen and when they do it requires a master gas fitter to repair it. Associates Plumbing, Inc. repairs leaks on gas lines ranging from ¼ inch soft copper to 4” steel. All repairs will be permitted and inspected by the local plumbing authority. All gas appliance installations including gas ranges, fire places, water heaters, clothes dryers and furnaces will also be permitted and inspected by the local plumbing authority. 

Gas line Installations

Associates Plumbing, Inc. not only finds and repairs gas leaks. We also install new gas pipe systems, relocate or extend existing gas pipe and replace old steel gas piping with modern CSST (Corrugated Stainless-Steel Tubing). We replace old underground steel piping with Polyethylene gas piping which is specifically engineered and certified for the underground environment.

If you have a gas leak, new gas appliances to install or would like a new gas line of any type, contact Associates Plumbing Inc.

Common gas appliance installations

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Water Heaters

We repair and replace all types of water heaters ranging from 10-gallon electric to 100 gallon 500,000 BTU commercial gas, including all sizes of tankless water heaters. Our highly trained supervisors & technicians can diagnose any issue and make the necessary repairs. All new and replaced water heaters are upgraded to the current code and manufacturers standards. This includes mixing valves for safety from burns, also giving you a more efficient water heater. Expansion tanks and anti-syphon devices are installed to protect your piping systems.

Multiple water heaters are installed with the correct manifold systems to ensure the appliances are working equally. Did you know, on average most water heaters only last between 8 and 12 years. Associates Plumbing can service them or help train your staff on how to service them to extend their working life.

Commonly worked-on water heaters

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Sewer pump or storm pump failing, recirculation pump not working? Do  you need pump repairs, maintenance, installation, testing or troubleshooting?

Is your sewer lift station causing your pit to overflow? Associates Plumbing, Inc. can bail you out! Our technicians are trained in troubleshooting, repairs and installation of duplex sewage lift stations & pump systems. We provide a wide variety of pump repairs and replacements for dewatering and bypass pumping. Associates Plumbing, Inc specializes in full-service pump repairs, rebuilds, and upgrades for all types, brands, and applications of sump pumps, sewage pumps, utility pumps and booster pumps. We repair and replace Oil Minder pumps and controls for oil and water sensing and containment in Elevator shafts. Associates Pluming, Inc. will ensure a high-quality installation that meets your exact specifications, delivered on time and within budge. A few of the pumps or pumping systems we service are:

Pump systems that we service:

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Drain Division

Are you experiencing drain and sewer backups due to blockages from roots, grease or a break?

are you experiencing drain and sewer backups due to blockages from roots or heavy grease build up? Associates Plumbing, Inc. can clear blocked drain & sewer lines using our hydro jetting equipment and video inspect the line to ensure it’s clear with no issues. Hydro jetting uses high pressure water fed through a hose in a specialized nozzle. The hose is fed through your sewage line using the pressure from the water cleaning and cleaning at the same time. Hydro jetting can be used to clear a single blockage or to clean several hundred feet of piping with grease buildup or scale. 

Our cameras can locate the exact areas of drain where the back up took place and show what caused it. Our cameras combined with our locating sondes allow us to mark & map piping and breaks above ground. This allows us to provide accurate excavation points and information for proposals.

Each of our drain crews are fully equipped with cable machines including: top snakes/ k50’s, 1500 machines, hydro jetters and closed-circuit video inspection equipment.

Do you have a nasty sewer smell and can’t find the source? Associates plumbing, Inc. also offers smoke testing and peppermint testing to help track down the cause of that odor.

Common piping failures that cause backups:

Taking care of unseen issues

Underground Sewer & Water Repairs

Do you have water gushing out of the ground or an underground leak that seems impossible to find? Associates Plumbing’s standard & emergency services can provide pinpoint leak detection or excavation teams to find and repair your underground water pipe. Shoulder season can be a plumbing nightmare when switching from hot pipes to cold pipes. The extreme temperature differences and pressure changes can cause many underground HVAC supply pipes to burst leaving you with no heat or air conditioning. Our trained technicians are highly experienced in underground HVAC pipe repairs. If you have underground utility valves that do not turn, won’t shutoff all the way or just need to be added, we can help. Can’t find an underground water line? Associates Plumbing, Inc. is equipped with underground pipe locators and tracers. Using low level electricity, we can energize a pipe and trace it using our Multi-Frequency Pipe & Cable Locator. 

A few of the services we provide for underground repairs include:

Building from the ground up

New Construction & Renovations

If you are a General Contractor or Management Company looking for an experienced plumbing contractor that provides quality service Associates Plumbing Inc, has you covered. Our Construction and Restoration Divisions have years of quality experience in ground up construction, renovations, and restorations in the commercial industry. Our success in these areas are based on our ability to offer clients a quality product that is fairly priced and delivered on time, within budget. We are equipped to help you retrofit existing properties with washers/ dryers to make them more competitive in today’s rental market. Associates Plumbing Inc, specializes in renovations and restorations from fire and floods.

Common projects

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Backflow Protection & Fire Hydrants

When pipes from drinking water connect to various plumbing fixtures or water utilizing equipment a cross-connection is created. If not protected, a contamination can occur when a backflow event happens. This allows contaminates to reverse flow from the fixture/equipment back into the drinking water piping. Associates Plumbing, Inc. specializes in preventing backflow and protecting from Cross-Connections to keep the drinking water safe. We test, repair, replace and install new backflow devices of all types and sizes. 

Fire hydrants save lives, this is their first and foremost need. However, did you know they are essential in the maintenance of a property. Fire hydrants are also used to flow water for cleaning out sewers, provide water to trucks for dust control, provide water for hydro jet machine to clear & clean the sewer system and as a means to “flush” a distribution system for water quality purposes. Associates Plumbing, Inc can replace an existing hydrant or add a new one if requested. We also conduct flow testing to keep you in compliance with the NFPA & local plumbing authority and fire department. Fire hydrants should be tested, inspected and maintenance annually.

A few of the services we provide for backflow & Fire Hydrants are:

Expert installations & Upgrades

Gas Appliances

Associates Plumbing, Inc. installs thousands of gas appliances each year. Our trained technicians follow the manufactures installation instruction, test all gas connections, install all safety devices and upgrade appliance shutoff valves if needed to comply with the local Fuel Gas Code. A permit is purchased and an inspection conducted by the local plumbing authorities on each and every gas appliance installed. Whether it’s a new appliance or reconnecting an existing appliance, Associates Plumbing, Inc. is ready to service you. 

Commonly installled gas appliances