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Tools & Solutions

Root Intrusions?

Are you experiencing drain and sewer backups due to blockages from roots? Expert technicians from API’s Sewer & Drain Division can solve your problem with one of our U.S. Jetting Hydo-Jet machines and this specially designed Keg Nozzle. "Click here" to see a video of the Root Cutter in action.

Broken Sewer Lines?

Do you have a break in a sewer line that would be a major inconvenience and expensive to excavate and repair? Before you commit to excavating to expose and replace the broken pipe, see how API could possibly repair the existing pipe without digging using our “Pipe Patch” technology from Source One! 
Click here” to watch a short video and then call API at 888-470-2224 to schedule a consultation or request a quote.

Blocked Stacks & Drains?

Are your residents constantly complaining about very slow or clogged drains? Spending too much money on emergency repairs? When was the last time your stacks and drains were cleaned properly by a trained professional? Let API’s Drains Division provide you a Preventive Maintenance quote to clean and maintain your Stacks and Drains on a regular basis. Click here to see how it’s done and then call 888-470-2224 to schedule an appointment for one of our supervisors to visit your property.

Leak Repairs vs. Safety Concerns?

Are you constantly emergency clamping water leaks due to the safety and fire concerns of soldering copper pipe? Why not let API perform a permanent repair to your leaks using our Flameless Pro-Press Technology. You can see how our trained professional mechanics will complete these repairs by “Clicking here.”

Insufficient Water Heater Warranty?

Have you ever called for service on a water heater only to find that it failed soon after the warranty expired? Three years is a short time in the life of a water heater tank, and the one year warranty on parts is over before the ink is dry! The next time you need to replace a water heater call API at 888-470-2224 to get a State Commercial Water Heater quote with a free extended warranty. This API exclusive warranty currently offers, for a limited time, 5 years on the tank and 3 years on the parts! “Click here” to print the special offer coupon.

Fire Hydrant Low Flow?

Do you have safety concerns regarding the low flow of your on property fire hydrants? In an emergency will there be enough water to quickly extinguish the threat? Many properties experience this problem due to years and years of tuberculation build up in their water mains. API can solve your problem by expertly removing the tuberculation and then applying an epoxy lining to prevent any future build up, thus permanently restoring flow to its original level. To see more details of this hi-tech solution “Click here.”