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Incorporated in 1982, Associates Plumbing, Inc. has been serving commercial customers for three decades, specializing in the property management industry. Our Mission, developed by the founding partners, has always been to provide Honest, Professional, and Reliable service to 100% of our customers, 100% of the time. 24-hour Emergency Service has helped us achieve this goal and, as a result, API has been trusted by some of the largest property management companies in the Baltimore / Washington area to meet their plumbing needs.

Throughout our company we take pride in providing our customers with the most professional and knowledgeable service possible. To that end, API’s management staff currently employs more than 12 Master Plumbers and is actively involved in the training and development of additional Journeyman and Master Plumber candidates. Furthermore, we go to great lengths to research and identify "State of the Art" technologies which are necessary to stay abreast of an ever-changing industry. This investment helps us provide the best possible service for our customers and stay ahead of our competition.

The API team believes our customers always come first; and in order to serve them better, we have to know them better. Our long-standing membership and active participation in associations like PMA, IREM, and MMHA provide an open window of understanding into your world, and helps us live our “Customer 1st“ motto on a daily basis.

We are members of:
Maryland Multi-Housing Association, Inc.Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc.: MemberProperty Management AssociationInstitute of Real Estate ManagementWashington Suburban Master Plumbers Association, Inc

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Backflow Device Testing, Installation, & Repair

Property owners and managers are responsible for the quality of water that is piped through their buildings. If water in the building becomes contaminated, it could threaten the health and safety of residents, tenants, and on-site teams.

If your property has any applications that could pose a contamination risk to the water supply, such as commercial boilers, pools, irrigation systems, or fire sprinkler systems, you are required to have backflow prevention devices installed and the devices need to be tested every year by a certified plumbing contractor. Your water utility company will send out notices to remind you of the annual testing. Ignoring these notices could result in the water and / or sewer service to be suspended.

By law, only firms registered under a licensed Master Plumber can perform the installation, repair, or testing of backflow prevention assemblies. Associates Plumbing, Inc. performs all backflow services in-house and submits the test reports directly to the water utility service.

If you need to schedule backflow testing at your property or would like more information on our services, please contact us at (443) 917-2500.